Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comprehensive Ayurvedic Cleanse

Toxins can accumulate to the point where they are harmful when a person does not complete regular, gentle Ayurvedic cleanses. The stresses of everyday life can cause mental imbalances like selfish thoughts, anger, and frustration. Our fast-paced world also makes it difficult to find the time to eat a proper, balanced diet. Fast food is highly processed, full of unnecessary salts and sugars, and contains untested chemical ingredients, but it is readily available in the modern world and lacks many of the vitamins necessary to keep us healthy. When we don’t take time to settle our minds and eat too many unhealthy foods, toxic inflammation can build up in our body’s systems. This inflammation is a breeding ground for diseases including cancer, Crohn’s disease,insomnia, and other lifestyle illnesses.

The Gentle form of Ayurvedic Cleanse

Ayurvedic cleanses are a form of body purification, a specialized therapy designed to eliminate diseased tissues in the body. Ayurvedic medicine states that disease is caused by an imbalance of the three doshas (biological humors/ tissues), which are related to the three prevailing forces on earth­ wind (vata), sun (pitta), and moon (kapha). An Ayurvedic cleanse is prescribed to return the three doshas back to balance and to combat diseases resulting from these imbalances. Ayurvedic cleanses also make the body strong enough to prevent disease in the future. The power and effectiveness of the cleanse therapy comes from the system used to guide the toxins out of the places in the body where they have accumulated. After being driven out of the tissues, toxins are flushed from the body.

How an Ayurvedic Cleanse Works

In the United States, the body cleanse, or detox, is among the most sought after type of Ayurvedic procedures performed by individuals with jobs in Ayurveda. Since Ayurveda concentrates on sustaining harmony within all mental and physical systems, body cleanses are widely used to eliminate harmful build-ups in the body in order to reestablish harmony. In Ayurveda, there are plenty of kinds of body cleanses ranging from minimal diet alterations and workouts to an extreme, doctor-supervised thorough detox that removes a great deal of contaminants from the human body.