Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comprehensive Ayurvedic Cleanse

Toxins can accumulate to the point where they are harmful when a person does not complete regular, gentle Ayurvedic cleanses. The stresses of everyday life can cause mental imbalances like selfish thoughts, anger, and frustration. Our fast-paced world also makes it difficult to find the time to eat a proper, balanced diet. Fast food is highly processed, full of unnecessary salts and sugars, and contains untested chemical ingredients, but it is readily available in the modern world and lacks many of the vitamins necessary to keep us healthy. When we don’t take time to settle our minds and eat too many unhealthy foods, toxic inflammation can build up in our body’s systems. This inflammation is a breeding ground for diseases including cancer, Crohn’s disease,insomnia, and other lifestyle illnesses.

When toxins accumulate to the point when they are harming our health, Ayurvedic medicine recommends a complete detox that will restore and rejuvenate our bodily systems. The most comprehensive Ayurvedic cleanse is called Pancha Karma. This detox system is extreme and should not be undertaken without the supervision of a qualified, well-trained Ayurvedic professional.

Pancha Karma is comprised of five purification elements: oil massage, therapeutic sweating, enemas, purgatives, and the use of enemics. These measures are conducted along with certain dietary regimens based on an individual’s constitution and disease conditions. This is perhaps the most important clinical procedure in Ayurveda because it permanently eliminates toxins from the body.

The entire process focuses on concentrating and eliminating toxins from the body’s systems, specifically the digestive system. It begins with an herb-induced sweat, which affects the toxin-bearing fluids and prepares them for elimination. This is followed by therapeutic purgation (vomiting), which eliminates toxins from the stomach and affects the digestive fire. The third and fourth steps involve administering medicated enemas that remove undigested material from the colon and large intestine. The final step is the use of medicated nasal cleanses which improves respiration and refreshes the brain. Special herbal blends and oil massages are also administered throughout to help the accumulation and passage of toxins.

After Pancha Karma is completed, all toxins have been expelled from the body. Each patient is renewed and refreshed. The body has been restored to optimal functioning and can more readily combat any future disease. Again, this procedure SHOULD NOT BE UNDERTAKEN WITHOUT CONSULTING A QUALIFIED AYURVEDIC PROFESSIONAL.

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